Allergy Testing

At Catalyst, we don’t just treat allergies. We identify, educate, and treat. Get your allergy test today and start living allergy free.

Catalyst Allergy Testing

Knowing matters. We’ll help you find the source of your symptoms and create a treatment plan that fits your lifestyle.

We’re making it easy to manage your allergies with many clinics offering allergy treatment and immunotherapy for your ongoing allergy care, some with walk-in availability. Over 50 million Americans have allergies each year, making allergies one of the most common chronic conditions. Allergies occur when your body reacts to a substance, like cat hair or peanuts, as though it’s harmful. An allergic reaction can be minor, like a stuffy nose and watery eyes. Or it can be much more serious, like hives or problems breathing.

environmental allergies

Environmental Allergies

Like all allergies, environmental allergies happen when our immune system overreacts to a normally safe substance as if it’s harmful. Our bodies can be overly sensitive to anything from cockroaches to cigarette smoke, however the most common types of environmental allergies are seasonal allergies, pet allergies and allergies to dust mites or mold.

Food Allergies

If you can’t snack on peanut butter or go out for sushi, you’re not alone. Food allergies affect between 6% and 8% of children and 3% percent of adults. At Catalyst Medical Center, we diagnose, educate on, and treat food allergies in adults and children.

food allergies

How We Diagnose Allergies

Your journey will start with a consult with our experienced allergy provider. From here, we will partner with you in creating a custom allergy  test that suits your symptoms. It’s common to perform one of these tests when diagnosing allergies:


environmental allergies

Skin Prick

A skin prick test is a routine way to test for allergies to pollen, pet dander, mold, dust mites and certain foods. The test isn’t painful. During a skin prick test, your skin is lightly pricked with suspected allergens and monitored for allergic reactions. It usually takes about 20-40 minutes.

intradermal allergy test

Intradermal Test

Also known as a skin injection test, an intradermal test is when a small amount of a suspected allergen is injected into your arm. 

allergy blood test

Blood Test

Once your blood is drawn, we will test it against possible allergens. Used if you have experienced a severe allergic reaction or if you’re not able to stop taking antihistamines.

Taylor Fontaine, PA-C

Your Allergy Expert

Taylor Fontaine was been with us at Catalyst for several years and specializes in ENT, Dermatology, and Allergy care at Catalyst. Taylor helps patients find relief from environmental and food allergies through comprehensive testing a treatment. 



“Dr. Mathison and Taylor have both provided top notch care! Dr. Mathison performed an adenoidectomy, septoplasty, and turbinate reduction in April and it has helped my airway and breathing tremendously! I am so thankful to have done the allergy testing and immunotherapy drops too, because I feel like there is an end in sight to my symptoms! I’m breathing better and feeling great! Highly recommend this team!”