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Simple, Effective, Rejuvenation

Chemical Peels are a fantastic option for those who want to give your skin a transformation back to a glowing, smooth surface. 

Perfect candidates for chemical peels are those looking to shrink fine lines and wrinkles, treat sun-damaged or aged skin, fight certain types of acne, reduce dark spots or freckles, or find an overall improved look to the skin.

Chemical peels involve Catalyst's caring and professionally trained aestheticians first gently cleansing the skin on the treatment area; the face, neck, or hands. The skin is then exposed to a chemical solution which removes the dead or damaged skin and peels it away, leaving your new, beautiful complexion. 

Catalyst Clinical Spa offers this exemplary service with the relaxation of luxury care. We strive to offer you convenience times for service and only provide you with the most caring and skilled professionals.

Experience Catalyst Rejuvenation

Catalyst Clinical Spa offers a unique chemical peel experience with the quality, professional care you need and the luxury comfort you desire. Call to schedule a chemical peel today.

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