Making Contributions for Stronger, Healthier Communities

As a local private business and healthcare clinic we know our success is directly linked to the health and well-being of our neighbors and the communities we serve. 

Through a combination of strategic relationships, in-kind contributions, volunteer activities, and other community investments, we're doing our best to help strengthen and grow healthy communities in which we serve. 

Catalyst Cares

Through our #CatalystCares Initiative we work with a wide-range of nonprofits and community groups to raise money and awareness for local causes trying to make a difference. We focus on activities and donations that improve the overall well-being of our communities, connect people in more meaningful ways, inspire entrepreneurial endeavors, and support those less fortunate who could use a hand.

Team Member Volunteering and Giving

Dr. Susan Mathison and our Team Members provide monetary support, in-kind donations, expertise, and volunteer hours toward causes that align with our values, skills and speak to our heart. Our ultimate success as a company results from the care and compassion of our team members who bring our #CatalystCares culture to life every day. Our team members generously give hundreds of volunteer hours and dollars each year, making our communities stronger and healthier for everyone.

We encourage our team members to get actively involved in the groups and causes they care about, and provide a variety of opportunities to support community engagement and volunteerism.

Who We Support

These are just a few of the areas and organizations we support:

You can learn more about these organizations and our efforts to support them by searching for or clicking on any of the articles below.

You Can Help

We encourage all our patients to learn more, get involved and reach out. Routinely we share information regarding the causes, events and initiatives we've contributed to and will share information about how you get participate. The best way to stay in the know is to join our newsletter.

Thank you for all you do in the community and thank you for allowing us to serve in so many meaningful ways.

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Community Engagement Articles and Stories

A glimpse into the efforts others are making to strengthen our communities
and a little bit about our small part in helping the make a difference

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