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We all know that a daily skin care regimen is essential for healthy skin. But sometimes we are still left with some insecurities such as frown lines that sneak up between the brow. That's when you should consider Dysport® an option. Dysport® is a series of injections that temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows.* With Dysport®, the ultimate goal is subtle changes for a natural look.* With treatment, you will notice a minimized look of just the frown lines without taking away your ability to form facial expressions.*

Both BOTOX® and Dysport® target areas of the face to reduce the appearance of lines. Ask your experienced provider if Dysport® is a good option for you. No matter which treatment option you decide on, it is crucial to have a trained and experienced professional perform your injections to get the desired results safely and effectively.

*Results for each treatment may vary from person to person.

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