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Summer Tips For Protecting Your Ears

Rose Brakke is one of the most trusted audiologists in the Fargo area and she shared some of her knowledge with the community on Valley News Live on June 8, 2016. 

Rose explained how to protect your ears and hearing in the summer. Rose says that certain summer activities like boating, fireworks, swimming, hunting, concerts, and lawn mowing can lead to severe hearing damage for adults and kids alike. It is incredibly important to use hearing protection during these activities.

Rose explained that it is a good idea to come in for a baseline hearing check even if you are not sure you are suffering from hearing damage. The more we know about your hearing at a younger age, the better we can track your progression and get you hearing aids at the right time.

Rose stressed that you should not be afraid to come in to see if you are a candidate for hearing aids. There is no need to feel shame or uncertainty. When you come in, we will test what you can hear, use word testing to determine how your brain responds to speech, and see if you are a good hearing aid candidate. Catalyst even offers a 45 day FREE hearing aid trial to see if they help you get a better quality of life.

Rose also explains how Catalyst offers custom ear molds for certain hearing protection. You can get small, inconspicuous ear plugs for concerts and lawn mowing that are comfortable and that no one will even notice. We can also provide custom molds for children's swimming activities to prevent damage to their ears or irritation. You can also come in and have a us take an impression of your ear and provide you with custom mold earbuds for listening to your audio devices. This means that they will fit perfectly, block other noise, and will keep you from having to turn the volume up and damage your hearing. 

The final topic Rose made sure to touch on was the importance of keeping your children protected from hearing damage. She explained that iPods, gaming, or other headphone usage is up, as is general noise that children are exposed to. This means parents need to take extra precautions: if you can hear the noise from their iPod, their music is too loud. Also, keep in mind that 60% or 65% of total volume is loud enough!

Take steps to make sure you and those you love hear the sweetness of life and are protected from hearing damage this summer!

Check out the video!

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Rose Brakke, AuD

Dr. Rose Brakke has been with Catalyst Medical Center since November of 2012. She received her undergraduate degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead and her doctorate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Madison, WI. She is a member of American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). In addition, she has held a Certificate of Clinical Competency and she's been a Fellow in the American Academy of Audiology, both since 2008. Dr. Brakke currently lives south of Moorhead on a family farm with her husband Luke and sons Logan & Grady. She enjoys spending time with family & friends, being outdoors, enjoying the the lake in the summertime, gardening and travel.

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