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Is Your Best Face Forward?

Thursday night at Catalyst, Cori Jensen from Big 98.7 hosted another Best Face Forward event! 

Cori invited 10 lucky winners from Facebook to grab a friend and head to Catalyst to learn all about the treatments offered, to learn about their skin, and to be pampered and enjoy the night with friends!

There was delicious snacks to begin and a presentation by Catalyst's own Abbie Boyle. Abbie showed the lovely ladies how the Visia Complexion Analysis works to find age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, and more on different areas of your face and helps to determine which treatments would be best for your skin and your goals. It even shows improvement over time after treatments have been performed!

The guests had a blast learning, chatting, and enjoying the evening and we had a blast sharing all that Catalyst does with these lovely members of the community! 

Keep your eyes open for when Cori announces her next Best Face Forward event for your chance to score and invited and a fun night out with a friend at Catalyst Medical Center and Clinical Spa! Follow Cori on Facebook to stay updated and win. 

Fun Night Out!

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