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Catalyst Allergy Team Was On North Dakota Today!

Check Out Their Tips To Beat Your Spring Allergies

Mild Or Miserable: Catalyst Can Help Your Allergy Symptoms

Our wonderful Catalyst Allergy Team had the privilege to share some tips on North Dakota Live on Wednesday April 27, 2016. Our Allergy Provider, Nikki Welk, and Registered Nurse, Samantha Henne, talked a little bit about allergy testing for you and your kids, and shared some ideas about how to prevent those symptoms with the help of your doctor and at home:

Nikki explains that the most common allergy symptoms include runny nose, nasal congestion, frequent sinus infections, itchy skin rashes, and much more.
Catalyst offers a variety of allergy testing. Getting tested is important because the more we know about what you are allergic to specifically, the better we can treat you.

Catalyst uses intradermal skin testing. On average, we introduce about 23 different antigens to the skin on your arm between your shoulder and elbow. We can then monitor how your skin reacts in a controlled environment.

We can test for a variety of different allergens, from environmental to food, to dust and mold, and more!
Kids can suffer from allergies just as much as adults, and sometimes even worse. Nikki explains that the worst symptoms for kids are mostly runny eyes, dark circles under the eyes, skin rashes, runny nose, and reoccurring sinus and ear infections.

Catalyst also does allergy testing for kids and highly recommends doing so. The more you know about what they are allergic to, the better we can treat them and the happier they will be.

But do bring things to distract them from the testing! Catalyst provides great cartoons!
Based on what we determine are you allergens, there are a variety of things you can do to help ease your misery.

There are over the counter antihistamines that can help prevent some allergies from being severe. Nikki does express that these do not get to the root of the problem, so other treatments might be a better idea.

Prescription medications can be prescribed by your doctor to help fight exactly what it is that you are allergic to after your testing.

Allergy shots or drops can be administered to directly address the allergens that cause you problems. These can be done with your doctor as well. Tongue drops work great for kids!
The best defense to allergy symptoms is to keep your home clean. Nikki expresses how important it is to vacuum often (with a good vacuum that has a HEPA filter), to dust often, to use pillow and mattress covers, and to change furnace filters regularly.

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Nikki Welk, PA-C

Nikki Welk, PA-C received her master's degree in physician assistant studies from the University of North Dakota.  She is certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants and has completed clinical training in specialties ranging from Emergency Medicine and injectibles to Cardiology and general surgery.  Nikki also holds a bachelor's degree in respiratory therapy from the University of Mary and previously worked as a respiratory therapist for Essentia Health and St. Alexius Medical Center. Nikki lives in West Fargo with her husband and young daughters. Her family enjoys going to the lake and spending time with family and friends.

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