Catalyst Biometric Screening Day

Stay Fit For Work!!

Catalyst Employee Health Screening

A biometric screening establishes a health baseline that can be used to evaluate risk for a variety of health issues, many of which can be prevented through early detection and lifestyle changes. The series of health tests are designed to offer insight into your overall health. On Friday, August 17th Catalyst offered free biometric health screenings to all employees. 

What is Tested During a Biometric Screening?

  • A Fingerstick for a Cholesterol & Glucose test with readings on Total Cholesterol (TC), HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, TC/HDL Ratio, and Triglycerides
  • Blood Pressure
  • Height/Weight/Body Mass Index (BMI)

Once these measurements are collected, each employee gets the opportunity to speak with a consultant privately about their results. 

What's the Benefit?

Knowledge is power, for individuals and companies. Someone who finds out they have high blood pressure, for example, can then take steps to control it. It's important to stay aware of your health year after year to track benchmark changes. When screenings are paired with in-depth education on nutrition fitness, alongside programs and support to help people change their behavior, they can lead to important lifestyle changes. 

How To Get Involved!

Want to bring biometric testing to your workplace? Contact Debbi Lopez, Essentia Health's Wellness Coordinator at (701)364-1476 for more information! Debbi recommends yearly screenings for offices and organizations. Create a strong culture of health and wellbeing at your organization!