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Catalyst CoolSculpting Event

November 10, 2016

What A Night!

First of all, we want to send a HUGE thank you to all of the community members who came to our event tonight!

We had such an amazing time meeting all of you and hopefully informing you all about CoolSculpting in a really fun and exciting way! We had so many lovely friends from the community attend our event; what a success! 

Our wonderful guests were treated to refreshments and snacks when they arrived and then given a fabulous presentation by a CoolSculpting rep. They learned all about the treatment, what the options are, and some great success stories!

Following the presentation, our guests were treated to a one-on-one consultation with our amazing staff to help them determine if CoolSculpting is right for them, and if so, what would be the best plan of action. 

We hope our guests found this evening to be informative, helpful, and fun! Thanks to all the hard work of our staff and the fun spirit of our guests. We hope to see you there next time!

Is CoolSculpting For You?

Didn't get to make it to our event but still interested in finding out if CoolSculpting is for you? Set up a consultation!

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