Giving Hearts Day 2019

Catalyst Medical Center

The Generosity Grows

Dr. Mathison has been on the board at Dakota Medical Foundation for about 12 years, and it’s become a very important part of her life and Catalysts! 

“When Giving Hearts Day was just a baby, I brought my baby. It’s amazing to see how Giving Hearts Day has grown and how Grant and I have grown along with it,” she shared. The first years of Giving Hearts Day were more strictly focused on online giving, and there wasn’t the same extravaganza at the DMF campus as there is today.

A decade later, Dakota Medical Foundation‘s building opens up each February for Giving Hearts Day, and everybody is welcome to stop by to make a donation. The festivities of the day have grown each year along with Grant, making it more engaging and exciting.

Did you see Susan and her son Grant featured on the front of Fargo Monthly Magazine?

Giving Hearts Day LIVE Stream

Our Marketing Director, Karisa Shuck, spoke on the Giving Hearts Day Live Stream to let the community know about all of the fun things that Catalyst was doing to celebrate the day! The DMF campus interviews nonprofits, businesses, and organizations all day long to share stories and spread the word about the unique actions everyone is taking to support the community. They also have a live count of all of the donations and giving hearts! 

Catalyst Competitions

Weeks prior to Giving Hearts Day the Catalyst team started up some fun competitions to raise awareness and raise money for the day as a team! The staff split up into teams and created Valentine's boxes. Doesn't this bring back childhood memories? Creative minds came together and crafted some beautiful, unique boxes. We had our patients vote on our Facebook page and the winning team received a Giving Hearts Day gift card to donate on the big day!

Along with this, the team organized Sweetheart eating contests and other fun activities to raise money for the day. Members were encouraged to buy Valentine's, suckers, and flowers for fellow team members! 

Individual Donations

After a month long of raising money as a team through fun activities, each individual on the Catalyst team was encouraged to donate to the non-profits and organizations of their choice. When they donated, Dr. Mathison was so kind to match each employees donations to make an even greater impact. Giving Hearts Day is such a beautiful day for our community. We had so much fun celebrating!

Want To Get Involved In Giving Hearts Day Next Year?

Check out the Giving Hearts Day Website!