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Feel Your Most Confident with CoolSculpting

We had a fabulous evening last Thursday, June 8th, at our second CoolSculpting event of the year. We want to thank everyone for their interest in this non-invasive fat reduction procedure. With the growing popularity of CoolSculpting, we felt like there are so many of you out there who just want to know a little more! 
Are you completely satisfied with your body composition and how your clothes fit? Many of us have stubborn fat that just won't go away. It isn't unusual for men and women to want to improve their bodies - but let's face it - sometimes hours at the gym, running, sweating, counting down the minutes on the elliptical can be mind-numbingly frustrating, and time-consuming. Do you diet as well but don't see your waist coming in while you wear the same old snug fit jeans you wore when you started your healthier routine? Events like this one help you discover you are not alone in your struggle. 
Many of our guests felt frustrated and unhappy with their body contours and were excited to learn more! Throughout the evening, they enjoyed a thorough presentation given by our expert CoolSculpting representative, Irma. Not only did she answer everyone's questions, but she also showed multiple before and afters, including those of actual Catalyst patients, and shared her personal experience with this popular, fat layer reducing procedure. Guests got to witness a live CoolSculpting demonstration before their one-on-one consultation with our talented and knowledgeable nurses and Aestheticians.
Many attendees chose to take action with a CoolSculpting treatment plan, taking advantage of our event only VIP pricing. We can't wait for them to experience the exciting benefits and start FREEZING away their fat! Some guests admitted they had been contemplating invasive surgery before coming to the event!
Our guests were also treated to a refreshing blue cocktail, delicious appetizers, and of course, their SWAG bags containing a HUGE, white and blue, gorgeous smelling bath bomb made by Sweet Serendipity. These bath bombs were a huge hit! It's our way of saying thank you! (They smell AMAZING!!) We truly do appreciate you all taking time out of your busy lives to hang out with us for the evening. 
If you missed out on this event, keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for details on upcoming events.You can also schedule a one-on-one consultation at any time. Our experts are here to answer your questions! You can also learn more about CoolSculpting here!

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