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Liquid Facelift Goes Live On North Dakota Today

Correct Signs of Aging with Sculptra: The Liquid Facelift

As we get older, our faces begin to show signs of the wonderful years, but it doesn't have to. Dr. Susan Mathison and Karen Williams were featured on Valley New Live's North Dakota Today on Wednesday September 21st to show and explain how Sculptra, or The Liquid Facelift, can correct signs of facial aging.

Dr. Mathison began by describing the process of facial aging, which starts when we are young and continues to progress after the age of 30, when we begin to lose collagen, bone structure, muscle structure, and even fat every year. She explains how facial aging is not just skin deep, but that we are now taking into consideration what is happening beneath the skin to contribute to the aging look of the face.

Dr. Mathison went on to explain that while some people do prefer the extreme difference a surgical facelift can provide, most would prefer a more subtle method to offer a refreshed look without the need for surgery. 

Our very own lovely Karen Williams was kind enough to serve as a model for skin care and facelift techniques. Dr. Mathison described how Karen has rather fair and fine skin which can be prone to show wrinkles and signs of aging and how she would go about correcting these signs with Sculptra.

She explains how areas such as the temples, jawline, and mouth can show signs of aging. Luckily, there are products such as Sculptra, a liquid medication that is mixed with sterile water, that can be injected in order to to give the face more structure in areas that have seen loss due to natural aging. Sculptra can stimulate collagen to not only improve structure, but also promote the renewed, refreshed look of your own skin texture. 

There are a variety of products on the market to help correct the signs of aging and what is best for you depends upon your personal preferences and goals. Dr. Mathison and the team at Catalyst can help answer any questions you have about reversing or slowing facial aging and what treatment is best for you.

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