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Nikki Welk Tells: How To Treat Excessive Sweat

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Just Sweat...or More?

Though sweating is a natural human reaction to the raising temperatures, Nikki explained that for some, excessive sweating is a medical issue that lasts far beyond the summer months. Too much sweat can be found under the arms, on the hands, and on the feet. Excessive sweating, or hyperhydrosis, can be treated in a variety of ways:

1) Clinical Strength Deodorants

2) Prescription Medication

3) MiraDry - laser treatment that directs heat down to the sweat glands and destroys their capability to produce sweat. This option usually only takes 1 treatment and is permanent

4) BOTOX - blocks nerve stimulation into the sweat gland to prevent it from sweating. Leads to 6 or 7 months sweat-free

These treatments can help you avoid the self-consciousness of excessive sweating. The sweat stains, the damaged clothing, the smell. All can be reduced or eliminated with the treatment best suited for you.

Nikki explained that she recently had the miraDry treatment done on herself. She loves it because it not only stops the sweat, but also the odor...and the added bonus? Much of the hair under the arms will be gone too!

MiraDry has made many patients very happy with significant improvements in sweating and even odor. If you suffer from excessive sweating, you may want to talk to your doctor about the miraDry treatment. Catalyst Medical Center is the only medical center in Fargo to offer such treatment!

We See Your Future Self...Dry and Confident!

Call Catalyst to set up your miraDry consultation or treatment today! Don't let excessive sweat slow you down...ever again.

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