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Ouch! My Aching Head Disrupts My Life!

Migraine Relief and Wellness Event: RECAP

You hold up a nail steadily against a piece of wood, armed and ready with your trusty hammer in your hand ready to take a swing. You bring your hand back, aim carefully, and swing forward with full force, crushing the nail deeper into a solid two by four.... and immediately after, pound it in again and again! You are on your third migraine of the week. At this moment, you? You're the nail.

Those who suffer from migraines may explain different levels of pain. Meaning, instead of a hammer to the head, it's a semi. No matter how you put it, there seems to be one certain conclusion: migraines are excruciatingly painful and disruptive to normal activity.
If you suffer from migraines, you know the desperation behind finding a reliable cure; if not to eliminate the throbbing pain altogether, to at least relieve some of the symptoms. Stephanie Weaver, a health and wellness coach from San Diego, California, suffered from migraines for many years.

Though traditional over-the-counter medicines sometimes subsided the pain momentarily, she found herself taking multiple doses a day, almost every day of the month! It was shocking to her to realize that taking too much OTC pain relievers were contributing to migraines recurrences.
Stephanie took matters into her own hands through tons of research and created "The Migraine Relief Plan," a book including an eight-week program as a gradual guide to making healthier decisions including migraine-friendly products and food choices. With multiple success stories, including her own, Stephanie has been excited to spread the word.

Dr. Susan Mathison, triple-board certified physician and founder of Catalyst Medical Center, also knows too well how migraines can cause disruptions in everyday lives. She treats multiple patients to medical BOTOX to alleviate their migraine pain.

Together, Dr. Sue and Stephanie Weaver decided to host a Migraine Relief and Wellness Event at Catalyst to educate the public on healthy options for relief.
On June 22, 2017, over 30 guests arrived at Catalyst's beautiful patio, anxious to learn! Although the breeze that evening had plans of its own, including blowing over cups, papers, and our hair-dos, the sunshine and inviting decorations helped guests overlook the bursts of malicious wind.

Guests enjoyed a thorough presentation from Stephanie, Dr. Mathison, as well as Catalyst allergy provider, Amy Ulbricht, NP-C, and ENT provider, Taylor Fontaine, PA.

Stephanie prepared migraine-friendly snacks for guests to try as well as delicious, refreshing infused water, strawberry mint, and cucumber basil. She explained how there are migraine triggers in many foods we eat, especially GMO, processed foods. She also showed guests examples of migraine-friendly products.

Dr. Mathison shared the benefits of BOTOX for migraines while Amy discussed how many migraines are triggered by food allergies and that getting testing can help. Taylor shared his process for treating patients with frequent migraines as well. Learn More About Catalyst Ent »
We hope guests found our Migraine Relief and Wellness event helpful, as they continue their journey to a migraine-free lifestyle.

Did you miss the event? We have copies of Stephanie Weaver's best-selling book, "The Migraine Relief Plan," available for purchase at Catalyst Medical Center. We also invite you to check out our allergy department and to learn more about BOTOX for migraines.

Thank you all who were able to attend. We can't wait until our next event! Learn More About Catalyst Allergy »