Dr. Mathison's Tips:

Dr. Mathison suggests that you check all the expiration dates (they do exist!) on your makeup and sunscreen. Anything that is old or damaged from heat, toss it out.
This is not only a spring cleaning tip, but a tip to adopt a regular schedule of cleaning. Wash your brushes out with baby soap, rinse, and let dry. This will prevent debris from contacting your skin.
Dr. Mathison suggests a microdermabrasion or chemical peel to get your skin soft and glowing for the coming sun.
If you chose laser hair removal or dermaplane rather than shaving this summer, Dr. Mathison suggest you book your appointments soon in order to avoid the work on sensitive, tanned skin.
Dr. Mathison highlights the importance of keeping up with abnormalities of the skin and making sure to have them checked by a professional dermatologist to be safe.
Water is key to beautiful skin! Dr. Mathison suggests you drink plenty of water and eat many vegetables to keep your skin glowing.

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