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TEDxFargo 2016 - Xccelerate The Community!

TEDxFargo really had a phenomenal goal this year! "TEDxFargo 2016 will accelerate our community, moving Fargo forward faster."

On July 21st, the community gathered for a day of speakers, presentations, ideas, experiences, and connections to help promote the growth of the community and those who call it home.

Attendees were thrilled with art, coffee, speakers, events, and connections throughout downtown Fargo and Moorhead. The hope is that the community will take these ideas and use them to make connections and take actions that make Fargo even BETTER!

Catalyst's very own founder, Dr. Susan Mathison, is a huge supporter of TEDxFargo and the ideas that it creates and shares. Many of our fabulous team members were able to help out the TEDx team with various duties throughout the day to show the community our support for such an influential program.

Thank you to TEDxFargo and those who brought this incredible event to our city. We look forward to being a part of it again next year! Head on over to to learn more about the day!

Check Out The Fun In Fargo!

Photos courtesy of TEDxFargo

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