5 Ways to Fight Allergy Symptoms This Spring

Finally Long Days and Warm Temps!

For over 50 million Americans, it is also the season of itchy eyes, runny noses and the other miserable symptoms that go along with seasonal allergies. If you think you have seasonal allergies but aren’t sure, check out our article about 7 Signs You Are Suffering from Seasonal Allergies. For those of us who know the suffering all too well, here are 5 ways to fight those allergy symptoms this spring:

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Check your local weather or news channels for the levels of mold or pollen in the air each day and keep this in mind when planning your activities for the day.
A highly effective way to limit the reaction of your body to allergens is to use immunotherapy, which introduces your body to the allergens via injections.
If you do spend time outdoors, immediately remove and replace clothing with clean alternatives and wash the used clothing as soon as possible.
In order to limit your exposure to pollen, keep up with a vacuuming regimen and utilize the allergen limiting resources such as hypoallergenic mattress or pillow covers.
To keep as much pollen out of your home as possible, and make it easier for you to breathe and sleep, use quality high-efficiency air filters and change them regularly.