5 Ways to Give Yourself a Quick Energy Boost

We All Have Busy Lives.

Sometimes we love it, other times,  not so much. Some days we just feel like we would rather stay in bed all day. Fortunately, here are 5 ways Dr. Susan Mathison suggests to gain a quick energy boost in order to help you seize the day and make the most of it!

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The Best News of All?

Dr. Mathison shares that these boosts are all quick, inexpensive, and that your new found energy helps your immune system stay strong and prepared. She also reminds us that the best ways to have consistent energy is proper nutrition, plenty of water, deep sleep, and a positive mindset. Follow these tips and you can be unstoppable!

Dr. Susan Mathison

Dr. Mathison started Catalyst Medical Center as an independent physician. She compassionately cares for patients, specializing in Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat), head/neck surgery and facial plastic surgery. She also provides treatment for allergies, sleep disorders and skincare. She received her undergraduate degree from Stanford University, Stanford, CA and her medical degree from the University of Texas-Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, TX. After completing seven years of specialty training in Seattle at the University of WA, she returned home to Fargo in 1997. She enjoys spending time with her family and many long-time friends.