6 Signs You Are Suffering From Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is common with age or with exposure to extreme noise throughout a lifetime. Most people acquire some degree of hearing loss as they age, but many do not realize they have hearing loss until long after it begins to occur.  Thankfully, there are a variety of options to assist with hearing loss and many warning signs to watch for to be treated and stay sharp. 

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One common sign of hearing loss is that it becomes especially difficult to understand those you are speaking with when you are in a noisy place such as restaurants, large family gatherings, malls, and airports.
As hearing loss progresses, it becomes much more difficult to understand what individuals are saying if you cannot see them speaking. Someone facing hearing loss asks, "What?" or asks people to repeat themselves many times during the day.
A frustrating sign of hearing loss is difficulty comprehending what people are saying and often thinking that others are mumbling or not speaking clearly, rather than you not hearing them properly.
The more severe the hearing loss, the more difficult it is to hear high pitch voices. It is especially difficult to hear or understand children and even women with hearing loss.
Another common difficulty in hearing loss is hearing or understanding what people are saying to you if they are behind you or speaking to you from another room. Family members often notice this difference early on.
Family members of those with hearing loss also tend to notice that the televisions, radios, and phones in the home need to be at higher and higher volumes for the patient to hear. This can lead to the family suggesting that hearing should be checked.

Are These Symptoms Relatable?

If you are showing some or most of these signs, it is a good idea to get your hearing checked and discover some of the options available to you to improve your hearing. Book an appointment with our audiology experts at Catalyst Medical Center to learn more.

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