7 Signs You Are Suffering From Seasonal Allergies

Spring is here!

In the Midwest, we rejoice at the signs of sun, warmth, and buds on the trees. But these signs may not be good for your allergies. Many of us face the warmer days with itchy eyes, runny noses, and achy heads that go along with spring allergies. Here are the top 7 signs that you are facing seasonal allergies as well: 

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If you sneeze more often in the spring, this may be due to your body’s reaction to the pollen in the air.
If the space behind your eyes and in your nose feels a slight or severe pressure, or if you have a consistent headache, this could be a sign of allergies.
Coughing is a symptom of the common cold, but if it persists for weeks at a time, or is accompanied by itchiness, it could be allergy related.
Runny nose is another one of those common cold symptoms, but if your eyes are also runny, allergies could be the culprit.
Itchy eyes or nose are good indicators of allergic reactions to pollen in the air during the warmer months
Seasonal allergies may also produce skin irritations such as rashes if pollen or irritants have close contact with the body
If you are having trouble sleeping and cannot seem to get a good night’s reset, causing irritability, allergies may be causing this discomfort.

Overall, if you feel like you have a cold that just won’t quit, accompanied by itchiness, you probably suffer from seasonal allergies like more that 50 million other Americans. Check out our article about 5 Ways to Fight Allergy Symptoms This Spring for more information or contact Catalyst Medical Center to learn more.

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