Ok, so I didn’t get around to this on 1/1/11, but I figured this date was a pretty good alternative, with even a few more days to get it finished! Maybe the passing years are making me a bit more reflective. I have so much to be grateful for, but also feel that I have so much left to do while I’m here.

Looking back, 2010 was a wonderful year. Catalyst Medical Center continues to grow and expand, with our multi-specialty offerings enhancing health and creating positive change. We have taken a deep look at what we do and why we do it, and hope to make positive changes too! 3 yr-old Grant continues to delight with his charming grin and insightful questions: When I asked him to behave, he replied, “Who is Have?”

We took a few trips—North Carolina last winter to visit my sisters and their families, a girls ski trip to Big Sky put together with style by my friend Kathryn, and a trip to California for my Stanford Reunion, and then a drive down the coast with stops at Turley Vineyards (delightful Zinfandel,) LegoLand, the San Diego Zoo, and TEDMED, an amazing conference. We also made our almost annual pilgrimage to Seattle to visit long-time friends Heidi and Timm.

One more trip—to the operating room in July. I now have a new hip, and am so grateful to be able to bend over to pick things up, and to walk without a limp! Thanks Dr. Askew! Being on the other side of the knife made me appreciate the grace that patients exhibit in an often scary time. I tried to be graceful, but it wasn’t so easy when I got poked a dozen times for my IV!

Speaking of grace, I love this word, can you tell?  If I ever had a daughter, Grace would be her name!  Inspired by one of my favorite authors, Patti Digh (Life Is A Verb) and her “Year of Becoming Bendy” i.e. flexible and healthy blog, this is my Year of Becoming Graceful.  With a few personal health issues behind me, I hope to conquer a few more struggles, move more, eat better and more mindfully, and be more graceful with words and actions.

Goals for the next year include more writing, and I hope to share some of my personal journey and insights from our great Catalyst Team. We are working on the blog, newsletter and Facebook to bring you stories, fun facts, breaking health news, and inspiring quotes.  I am also working on a book called Positively Beautiful, and a website by the same name with even more resources.  I’ll keep you posted!

May 2011 bring you great health, happiness, peace and success.
Dr. Susan Mathison