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Save Your Skin This Winter With These 3 Treatments

Winter Blues

Winter is hard on our skin. The cold temps and blowing winds can lead to dry, cracked or just plain uncomfortable skin. 

The good news: winter is the perfect time to try out some treatments that can help repair your skin, treatments that are just no good when the sun is shining.

No more fighting winter! Let's get this season on our side and create a glowing complexion that people will indeed notice with these three treatments.

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Winter Wonderland Treatments!

The winter is known to dry out our skin and leave it lacking the moisture it needs to be healthy. This amazing hydro-facial uses hydrating serums and a special hand piece to help these access the deep layers of skin and leave you glowing.* If you are looking for elite skin hydration this Winter, this is the treatment for you.

*Results for each treatment may vary from person to person.
Chemical Peels are a treatment option that includes applying a chemical solution gently to the skin which removes dead and damaged skin and peels this and fine lines away, leaving only the purest and most luminous skin.* The great relationship between this treatment and Winter is that it is required to stay out of the sun for a number of days post-treatment. What better time to give it a try?

*Results for each treatment may vary from person to person.
The Vampire Facial is a unique treatment that is growing in popularity. A trained doctor removes some of your blood and spins it to reveal the platelet rich plasma. Then they use a special tool to infuse this into the skin on your face to boost collagen production and repair damages. The results are amazing. You will never believe that such a warm glow is coming from your very own skin! *

*Results for each treatment may vary from person to person.

Try These Winter Treatments!

Catalyst Clinical Spa offers all these treatments and many more to help you fight dry Winter skin!

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