About 70 million Americans suffer from some digestive issue and often deal with pain and discomfort on a daily basis which is a huge. Though the problem may be different for everyone, there is one little-known solution that may just give you a leg up on your digestion. 

Here is the low down:

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-FODMAP is an acronym coined by scientists that means "Fermentable Oligo-, Di- and Mono-saccharides and Polyols."

 -The theory is that eating foods that contain these carbohydrates can cause digestive symptoms to worsen.

 -Some people are sensitive to all types; some are only sensitive to one or two, so fortunately, there is an easy way to find out.
-The FODMAP diet breaks down different types of foods into categories containing low or high amounts of these chosen carbohydrates.

-In order to give the diet a try, you can refer to one of the colorful diagrams provided by doctors and cut out all "high-FODMAP" items for six weeks.

-Hopefully by this point, you will be feeling like a million bucks!

 -After six weeks, you can continue to cut out all "high-FODMAP" foods, OR you can start introducing them back into your diet one by one, keeping track of what irritates you and what does not.
-This simple, drug-free solution to digestive irritation might be a great first step for you in your journey to feeling happier and healthier.

-There is even an app made by the original research doctors at Monash University in Australia that helps you follow the diet easily.

-If you have questions, make sure to contact a doctor or nutritionist. Dr. Susan Mathison at Catalyst Medical Center is a great advocate for FODMAPs!

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