My beautiful niece just turned 20, and watching her step into the world, all grown up, is an amazing thing to behold.

But I remember when she was 3 years old — the year that she got her first “big girl” haircut. 

Her wispy little toddler locks got chopped into a sassy, chin-length bob. 

We called it “The Dominant ‘Do,” because after getting her first haircut, this little girl discovered her inner swagger! She walked differently, became noticeably bossier, and marched around like she owned the town. 

Her mom and I still giggle about it, to this day. 

But that’s the power of a good hair day. It draws out your strength and confidence, and allows you to stride through the world with a positive attitude. 

I recently attended a writing retreat in Los Angeles, and we all got blow-outs at the local Dry Bar salon on the final day of the retreat — which meant we all went home looking fabulous. (I remember swinging my suitcase into my Lyft ride, headed for the airport, thinking, “I feel… sassy!”) 

I had tons of paperwork, appointments, hiring meetings and all kinds of responsibilities waiting for me back at home, but somehow, having a fantastic ‘do made everything feel more… doable. 

This is in stark contrast to a horrible high school perm that made me want to crawl under a rock until it grew out… which meant months! 

Throughout history, human beings have been fascinated with chopping, coloring, styling and decorating our hair. And thanks to Kate Middleton, America’s favorite Royal, hair “adornments” (like the fascinator!) are even making a comeback. 

Is it “silly” or “frivolous” to fuss over your hair? 

This doctor says… if it makes you happy? Then, no. 

Research continues to confirm that there’s a direct connection between your thoughts and feelings… and your overall health and well-being. 

Thinking “grateful” thoughts can lower your blood pressure. 

Cuddling up with a cute dog can lower stress hormone levels. 

Walking through a beautiful forest can boost your immune system. 

And — although I’ve yet to find a scientific study to confirm it! — I believe that looking at your reflection and loving your hairstyle can have a profound impact on your self-esteem and physiology, too. 
I always say that I can do surgery, but I can’t blow-dry, so I am eternally grateful when my stylist Edward takes over. He even did a 5am appointment once to get me ready for a photo shoot. And his scalp massage is amazing. What a way to start the day! 

So, go ahead. Wash. Cut. Style. Be fabulous. 

Give yourself– and your mind & body– the gift of a good hair day.

~ Dr. Sue