Top 10 11 Reasons People Choose Catalyst Medical Center and Clinical Spa

  1. All of our Botox and filler are physician administered.
  2. Dr. Mathison is recognized locally, regionally, and nationally for her expertise in administering Botox and fillers.
  3. Dr. Mathison is double board certified and specializes in ear, nose and throat care and facial plastic surgery.
  4. Dr. Mathison chooses to stay up to date by dedicating over 250 hours of in-class and special training each year.
  5. Catalyst Medical Center takes great pride in their care of all patients.
  6. Dr. Mathison and the medical professionals here are known for medical care for tonsils, adenoids, sinuses, allergies, sleep solutions, audiology, and acne care.
  7. Dr. Mathison and the medical professionals are known for their cosmetic medical care such as upper bleph’s, laser treatments, chemical peels, rhinoplasty and injections.
  8. Catalyst uses and sells only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade products
  9. Catalyst believes in educating our patients in all available treatment options so they are well-equipped to make sound decisions in their care.
  10. Our patients leave confident knowing they are well cared for, well-informed, educated, and empowered.AND
  11. We inspire beauty, health and well-being in each and every one of our patients and are inspired every day by all of you!