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Micro Peel

Reveal Glowing Skin

A micro peel is a skin treatment that uses a chemical solution to remove only the outer layer of skin, which is home to mostly dead skin cells and clogged pores. This treatment uses a gentler solution than a traditional chemical peel, which removes skin deeper than the outer layer.
A micro peel is a fabulous option for those who wish to reveal the smooth, glowing skin that is hidden beneath the dirty outer layer. The gentle chemical solution does not usually cause irritation. There is limited redness after the treatment. You will have smoother, softer skin, smaller pores, and a more even skin tone.
At Catalyst, right here in Fargo, we only provide you with the most knowledgable, caring aestheticians to treat your skin. They will begin by cleansing your skin as you relax on one of our plush, warm treatment tables. The smell of essential oils will relax you as the aesthetician gently removes the dead skin cells by a process called derma planing and continues as a gentle chemical solution is applied to your skin and left to do its magic. The aesthetician will then remove the solution and make sure to repair your skin with the most appropriate hydration for your skin type. They even go so far as to replace your face makeup with one of our amazing makeup products after the treatment is complete.

Interested In A Micro Peel Treatment From Fargo's Best?

Reveal your most beautiful skin with a relaxing micro peel treatment from Catalyst. Our aestheticians are ready to help you now! Call to schedule your appointment.

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