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Get full, supple, younger-looking skin in just one week with our non-surgical facelift.

You’ll get all the facelift benefits with none of the facelift surgery.

We customize this series of procedures to match your skin’s needs and the results you’d like to achieve while considering the budget and timing appropriate for you.

A traditional facelift pulls sagging skin up and sutures it in place, tightening sagging skin, but that’s the only result. With our non-surgical facelift, we firm sagging skin while improving skin tone, texture, and elasticity.

In addition, chins and jawlines can be redefined by removing fat and contouring.

All without surgery!

The Non-Surgical Facelift by Catalyst can reverse aging to reveal a natural, younger-looking you.

Get full, supple, younger-looking skin in just one week with our non-surgical facelift.

The Process:

Step 1 – Fat Removal

We start with defining and contouring natural facial features using RF-focused energy. We can destroy fat along the jawline, jowls, double chin, neck, and under-eye bags.

Step 2 – Tightening

RF Microneedling is done immediately after the facelift contouring. This is what ultimately tightens and smooths the texture of your skin.

Step 3 - Resurfacing

100% of the skin is treated, initiating regeneration deep below the surface, remodeling a natural skin architecture that replaces the damaged, wrinkled layers.

nonsurgical facelift side angle before
nonsurgical facelift - before
nonsurgical facelift - after

Avoid expensive surgeries, a lot of downtime, and painful recovery
with our non-surgical facelift.

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Patient Testimonials

I always feel so comfortable going to see Chrystal in Jamestown for anything from a facial to Botox to whatever treatment I’m having . She does a great job and is very knowledgeable and artistic.



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