From otoplasty surgery to ear tubes, tonsillectomies, ear lobe repair and more, we perform a variety of surgeries at Catalyst Medical Center.

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Surgery at Catalyst Medical Center

At Catalyst Medical Center, we can treat any age with surgery. With surgical intervention plans ready, we are committed to seeing you in a timely manner. Whether you have recurring ear infections, a recurring sore throat, heavy eyelids, need a skin cancer procedure done, let the experts at Catalyst give you the professional treatment and care you need. We’ll partner with you so you feel comfortable and educated every step of the way.

Medical Surgery

  • Tonsillectomy
  • Adenoidectomy
  • Oral Lesion Biopsy
  • Ear Tubes

Cosmetic Surgery

Rhinoplasty (Nose structural defects), Earlobe repair, Otoplasty (Ear structure surgery), Blepharoplasty (Repair droopy eyelids)

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