The PRP Facial

A natural way to achieve youthful, glowing skin using the power of your own blood. Our estheticians have extensive experience using PRP therapy – call to schedule a consultation to find out how PRP can address your cosmetic concerns.

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PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is designed to use the power of your own body to restore a glow to your skin and encourage collagen growth to revitalize the skin from deep down. Because you are using your bodies own blood, this is a natural way to improve your skin health, skin texture, and pore size.

First, your provider will isolate growth factors from the your blood.  Then, your provider uses a micro-needling SkinPen® device to create multiple micro-punctures – both driving the isolated growth factors into the skin & creating a stimulus for tightening and rejuvenation of the collagen of the face. Lastly, the provider paints the growth factors onto the micro-punctures so that the growth factors soak into the tissue for further stimulation of tightening and skin rejuvenation. Before the treatment, we will apply a topical numbing cream to make the treatment relaxing and comfortable.

1.5 Hour Treatment | $850

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At Catalyst, we take Botox® injections as seriously as rhinoplasties. You are always in the expert hands, regardless of the treatment you are receiving.


We ensure peace-of-mind by employing some of the region's most trusted allergy, ENT, audiology, dermatology, and injection specialists.

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As the provider who brought Botox® to Fargo, we offer our community with exclusive treatments, such as miraDry and Emsculpt®, no other provider can.

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At Catalyst, you are a person, not a symptom. Your needs and goals are unique to you. We design personalized plans, both medically and cosmetically, to ensure you live your best you.