The Beginning of Trouble

At Catalyst, we want to do everything we can for someone in need. It is always troubling to hear and see families struggle, especially when it comes to illness. 

Unfortunately, the Enker's family is now in great need of help from the community. On July 28, 2016, Tami Enker was diagnosed with Stage 2 stomach cancer. Since her diagnosis, Tami has had no choice but to leave her job to focus on her health. Her husband has stepped down in his position which allows him to work fewer hours so he can be there to support his loving wife. 

Treatment Begins

At the beginning of September, Tami had five rounds of Chemo every 21 days. In November, Tami underwent stomach surgery where they were devastated to find cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. Tami then decided on a combined treatment of chemo and radiation which she completed the end of February 2017. Tami will be having another CT scan in May. 

You Can Help!

The Enker's family is reaching out to us and the community for help. Please consider attending this benefit to raise money for their added expenses. Catalyst has donated a Microdermabrasion treatment as well as a Visia Complexion Analysis and Consult for their silent auction. Thank you for supporting those in your community!


Enker's Family Benefit

When: Saturday, April 22 11:30 - 4 PM

Where: Sabin Community Center - 789 Main St. Sabin, Minnesota

Or you may help by donating right to their GoFundMe page.