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Catalyst Skin Cancer Screening Event

It was another successful Skin Screening event at Catalyst Medical Center! We are passionate about sun safety and early skin cancer detection. One in five Americans is affected by skin cancer in their lifetime which makes early detection key and prevention practices crucial to limiting your risk.
This spring you may have noticed Catalyst do something a little different than in the past. We asked the public to RSVP to our FREE Skin Cancer Screening event to help us better prepare. We truly appreciate all 278 guests who responded! In fact, we asked two more Catalyst providers to participate in the skin checks due to the abundance of participants who showed up at Thursday's event. We typically expect 80 to 100 attendees, and this year we served over just over 140. All we can say is, wow!
We provide these skin screenings once or twice a year free to the public for many reasons. Dr. Mathison, for instance, has seen the devastation that comes to those affected by skin cancer, firsthand. She has a friend whose husband died of melanoma metastatic to his brain. She has also cared for a teenager who had aggressive melanoma on her cheek. Dr. Mathison performs plenty of complex reconstructions after excision of facial skin cancers as well.
Often skin cancer goes unnoticed. This free event provides a no excuse opportunity to get checked, especially to those who would otherwise not get into a professional provider. We also provide this community service as a form of education and awareness which are both crucial to preventing skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, and yet it’s the most preventable.

Prevention: We promote sunscreen and a great skin care program to encourage people to protect and care for their skin. On hot summer days, stay in, seek shade, and wear sunscreen. Reapply sunscreen after swimming and sweating. Wear UV protective clothing, especially when working outside for extended periods of time. Avoid tanning beds and opt for a natural sunless tanning lotion. Most importantly, educate yourself and learn the signs of skin cancer, and get checked annually. 
Thank you to all who took advantage of this free event. We are glad you see the value in what we are doing for the community and that you chose to participate. Take care of your skin, it is your largest organ, after all!

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Whether you choose Catalyst or another clinic, we encourage you to schedule a skin check. Take responsibility for the health of your skin, today!