Cheers To 20 Years! - Catalyst Medical Center + Clinical Spa

Cheers To 20 Years!

Catalyst Celebrates It's 20th Anniversary!

Cheers To 20 Years!

We are so happy to be celebrating our 20 year anniversary! For two decades,  Catalyst Medical Center & Spa has been an agent of change for many. Dr. Sue created Catalyst to help patients lead happier, healthier, more beautiful lives.

Two decades later, Catalyst has evolved into a comprehensive, holistic wellness oasis helping patients with everything from allergy and sinus, facial plastic surgery and functional medicine to laser treatments, cosmetic injections and dermatology.

The Visionary Behind It All

Whether she is performing surgery or empowering women through writing, our founder Dr. Susan Mathison has one goal: to help others live their best lives. As we meet this significant milestone, Dr. Mathison reflects on the center’s growth and looks toward the future. Listen to her story in the video below!

“When I made the decision to start Catalyst, I didn’t have some master plan.I was just a kid with an unwavering desire to help patients lead happier, healthier, more beautiful lives. And now, 20 years later, I look up and I realize that we have truly built something special.”

-Dr. Susan Mathison, MD, CEO, Founder, & Surgeon

The Catalyst Story

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