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Voted as Fargo’s Best Doctor, our team of Allergy, ENT, and Dermatology specialists are leading the way in providing personalized medical care.

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At Catalyst, we’re here to keep allergies from interfering with your daily life. Our allergists can diagnose even the most complex causes of allergies and treat those that don’t respond to common remedies. We’ll get you started on a treatment plan that gets your symptoms under control.


At Catalyst, we use the latest treatments and techniques to diagnose and heal a wide range of skin issues. Our expert Dermatology Providers can help you with everything from chronic acne to psoriasis to skin cancer treatment.


Catalyst’s ear, nose and throat specialists offer full range care for conditions that affect the head and neck. From common problems like snoring or allergies to more complex voice problems or ear issues, our experienced team has the knowledge to help. 

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Jenna Mazour

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Experience The Catalyst Difference

Catalyst doesn’t just stand out in one field, but in all, they touch… and that is the Catalyst Difference. 


At Catalyst, we take Botox® injections as seriously as rhinoplasties. You are always in the expert hands, regardless of the treatment you are receiving.


We ensure peace-of-mind by employing some of the region's most trusted allergy, ENT, audiology, dermatology, and injection specialists.



As the provider who brought Botox® to Fargo, we offer our community with exclusive treatments, such as miraDry and Emsculpt®, no other provider can.

Agents of Change

At Catalyst, you are a person, not a symptom. Your needs and goals are unique to you. We design personalized plans, both medically and cosmetically, to ensure you live your best you.

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Allergy Testing

Over 50 million Americans have allergies each year, making allergies one of the most common chronic conditions. Our allergists can diagnose even the most complex causes of allergies and treat those that don’t respond to common remedies.


We take a very comprehensive approach to treating dermatology concerns, as many concerns may be interrelated to other skin conditions. Our providers take the time to educate each patient and get all questions answered so you can leave feeling confident about all things health and beauty!

Skin Cancer Detection

Preventative skin care starts at any age. At Catalyst Medical Center, we recommend yearly skin checks. If a concern is noted, we have a team of experts, including a surgeon with plastic surgery expertise, ready to assist you if a procedure is needed.

Allergy Treatment

At Catalyst, we identify, educate, and treat your allergies through customized treatment. Schedule your allergy test today and start living allergy free!

Medical Surgery

Whether you have recurring ear infections, a recurring sore throat, heavy eyelids, need a skin cancer procedure done, let the experts at Catalyst give you the professional treatment and care you need.

Naturopathic Medicine

From weight loss, women’s health, gut health, nutrition and more, Naturopathic Medicine at Catalyst will help you understand your health, and heal from within so you can get back to doing what you love.


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