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Tacos for Terry - A Benefit for Terry Waltz - May 7, 2017

Taco’s for Terry Waltz Benefit

When: Sun, May 7 4PM–7 PM

Where: Atonement Lutheran Church, 4601 University Drive, Fargo, ND

There will be a taco bar, silent auction and bake sale to help raise funds for Terry and his family.

Terry Waltz - The Diagnosis

Terry Waltz was diagnosed with diabetes at just eight years old which ended up causing him to have a stroke in 2008. The effect of the stroke left him with the inability to feel blood sugar highs and lows which can be a potentially dangerous situation.

Terry was put on a waiting list for a pancreas transplant and was blessed with a successful transplant in March of 2013. Just one year and seven months after the
transplant, a blood clot caused the transplant to fail. Terry again was put on a waiting list December 2014 and was fortune enough to receive a second pancreas transplant on February 22, 2017.

The money raised from this benefit will help Terry, his wife Sara Moon Waltz and children Brianna, Trey and Jensen with medical and travel costs and day to day living expenses.

If you are able, please contribute what you can to this family. Any online gifts can be donated here.