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It's Time For Long-Term Allergy and Sinus Relief

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Your Team of Experts to Treat
Chronic Allergy & Sinus Issues

Environmental Allergic Reactions

Testing For Asthma

Food Allergies

Food Sensitivity Panels
Wellness Rotary Program
Food Group and Specific Foods Testing

Upper Respiratory Concerns

Treating Chronic Sinus & Ear Infections
Severe Cold

Gastrointestinal Treatment & Relief

Abdominal Pain
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Infantile Colic
Weight Gain


Long-Term Immune System Changes Through Allergy Shots or Drops

Comprehensive Allergy Care

You do not have to suffer from allergies forever. They are NOT a way of life for you or your family. Finally, discover relief from your allergies for good and enhance your quality of life.

At Catalyst Medical Center, we strive to provide advanced, knowledgeable, and efficient allergy care to patients of all ages. Whether you suffer from environmental, food, or seasonal allergies, our experts can identify, educate, and treat, right here in our multi-specialty clinic. 

Diagnostics -Treat & Eliminate Your Allergies

Our unparalleled diagnostics and comprehensive treatment options offer answers and solutions to patients who have been unable to find relief elsewhere. Our goal is not to just treat your allergy symptoms, but to help you eventually eliminate your allergies. Our treatment begins with intradermal allergy testing. This unique form of testing helps determine not only the presence of allergies but also the level of sensitivity which allows us to treat you safely and effectively. 

Education & Lifestyle Changes

Our highly trained treatment team has extensive knowledge in all aspects of allergies and will work one-on-one with you to help you learn about your lifestyle changes as part of your allergy treatment plan. We are also the only clinic in the region to offer convenient, self-administered allergy drops as a treatment option.

Not only do we diagnose, we identify, educate, and treat your allergies so you can, one day, eliminate them altogether.


· Intradermal skin and laboratory blood testing                                                               · Re-testing to ensure continued care                                                                                       · Food, gluten, and celiac laboratory blood testing                                                                 · Comprehensive food sensitivity testing


· Communicate environmental control, avoidance, dietary and treatment options


 · Sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops) made right here -We are the only clinic in the region to provide this form of treatment.                                                                         · Allergy serums and injections                                                                                                · Prescriptions and over-the-counter medications

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