Catalyst Allergy & Sinus

A Division of Catalyst Medical Center Providing Fargo's Most Comprehensive
Allergy Testing, Allergy Lab and Sinus Surgery Team

Quality Allergy Care Without The Wait!

Call to check for same day and next day availability for allergy testing and treatment. From kids to grandparents and everyone in between. Trusted, quality care for nearly 20 years!

Think You Might Have Allergies? It's Better To Know!

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

Acne • Hives • Hair Loss • Diarrhea • Constipation • Stomach Pains • Poor Memory • Poor Concentration • Fatigue • Restlessness • Arthritis • Aches in Muscles • Itchy Ears • Ear Infections • Ringing in Ears • Watery Eyes • Itchy Eyes • Dark Circles • Chronic Coughing • Sore Throat • Headaches • Dizziness • Mood Swings • Anxiety • Irritability • Weight Gain • Underweight • Stuffy Nose • Hay Fever • Sinus Problems • Sneezing • Chest Congestion • Asthma • Difficulty Breathing • Shortness of Breath • More!

You could benefit from allergy testing. It's better to know.

Identify • Educate • Treat

We Don't Just Cover Up Your Symptoms

Environmental Allergic Reactions

Testing For Asthma

Food Allergies

Food Sensitivity Panels
Wellness Rotary Program
Food Group and Specific Foods Testing

Upper Respiratory Concerns

Treating Chronic Sinus & Ear Infections
Severe Cold

Gastrointestinal Treatment & Relief

Abdominal Pain
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Infantile Colic
Weight Gain


Long-Term Immune System Changes Through Allergy Shots or Drops

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