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If you or your child is experiencing an ear infection (otitis media), especially if it is chronic or you feel pain, please contact us. 

Not only can we often relieve the pain and discomfort, we can help prevent serious ear issues, including hearing loss.
If you are experiencing pain in your ear, it's possible you have a ruptured eardrum and should seek medical attention.

Our ENT doctors will be able to diagnose and treat your ear pain for a faster recovery and to prevent further damage.
Perhaps your ear pain has continued or you feel significant discomfort in your ear drum.

It's possible you have an abnormal skin growth, or Cholesteatoma, that our ENT doctors can treat. 
If your child is having trouble breathing or chronic ear infections, it's possible they have enlarged or infected adenoids that may need to be removed. 

Our ENT doctors can help you determine the best options to provide breathing and infection relief for your child
If your child has difficulty breathing, swallowing or often experiences a sore throat, it may be the cause of enlarged or infected tonsils. 

Our ENT surgeons are able to provide relief and improved quality of life for your child.
If you routinely experience cold like symptoms such as a runny nose, stuffy nose or facial pain, it's possible you have Sinusitis.

Not only can we help you treat these sinus infections, our ENT and Allergy providers can often help you identify the root cause for better prevention.
As part of the aging process, Geriatric patients may experience degenerative issues that may include radiating pain, weakness, numbness, or leg pain.

There is relief and our medical professionals can help you determine your best options for pain managment and treatment. 
Having trouble sleeping, experience significant snoring, always feel tired when you wake up, our experts can help you find a solution that works for you.
For some, breathing and sleep issues may be caused by structural defects in the nose. 

Our ENT physicians and surgeons can provide relief with Rhinoplasty surgery which will correct your nose size in relation to facial balance by modifying your nose width at the bridge or size and position of your nostrils.
Our ENT physicians and surgeons can correct a defect of your ear structure that may have happened at birth or treat misshapen or disproportionate ears caused by injury.
We can repair droopy eyelids by removing excess skin, muscle or fat. 

Our physicians and surgeons are experts at correcting your sagging eyebrows and excessive bags under your eyes.

Ear, Nose & Throat Team

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