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Facial Treatments


With each facial, your relaxation begins immediately in a comfortable room filled with the soothing aroma of essential oils. The bed is soft with plush pillows and cozy blankets as you listen to mellow music in a beautiful, dimly lit room.

*Results for each treatment may vary from person to person. 


Microdermabrasion is one of our most requested spa treatments at Catalyst. The diamond-tipped wand naturally polishes your skin revealing a beautiful, fresh new layer.* The debris, dirt, and oil are gently vacuumed away. Your aesthetician applies a variety of restorative and hydrating serums to protect your skin assuring its proper recovery.

1 hour | $125


This treatment includes the exfoliating benefits from a Microdermabrasion with an added relaxing facial experience. This facial is the perfect combination of rejuvenation and relaxation! Your skin will be left exfoliated and glowing.

1 Hour 15 Minutes | $155


This is pronounced Catalyst's most relaxing facial! This treatment includes an exfoliating Dermaplane, Microdermabrasion resurfacing, and a relaxing Hydro-Jelly Mask. You'll love the additional benefits achieved after several treatments such as smaller pore size, reduction of fine lines, improved texture, reduced acne, scarring, and clogged pores.

1 hour 15 minutes | $210



Your aesthetician will deep cleanse your skin and treat any concerns you may be experiencing. Catalyst facials are completely customizable to each individual patient. Whether you have acne, dry skin, oily skin, redness - we will create a facial that is perfect for you!

1 Hour | $100


We carefully cleanse and massage your face and apply iS Clinical Intense Resurfacing Masque to add a little fiery warmth to your skin. We continue by using steam to open up the pores and carefully extract any unwanted debris.

To add a soothing chill to your skin, we use the iS Clinical Rejuvenating Masque. Once the mask has worked its magic, we work ours by finishing the facial with serums that are hydrating, soothing, and anti-aging to leave your skin smooth and renewed and your mind and body relaxed.

45 Minutes | $100



This facial features an exfoliating Dermaplane plus a relaxing Oxygenating Trio. The treatment revitalizes damaged skin by bringing oxygen to the surface and improves circulation to support skin renewal. The steps of the facial hydrate, heal and refresh stressed skin. For all skin types!

45 Minutes | $115


Dermaplaning is a facial treatment option for pesky "peach fuzz" hairs on the face that collect oil and dead skin cells and accentuate fine wrinkles. An aesthetician gently cleanses your face and carefully conducts precision abrasion using a manual exfoliating technique along the dermis with a scalpel and light, feathering strokes. This process targets the built-up dead skin on your face and leaves the skin smooth and hair-free.*

30 Minutes | $65


This facial includes an exfoliating Dermaplane with a Hydro-Jelly Mask. This relaxing facial has a wide variety of benefits! From wrinkle care to vitality and everything in between, there’s a mask for every skin type and issue. Some of the ingredients that are included in these incredible masks are: algae, goji berries, green olive extract, rose petals and so much more. Unlike sheet masks, you’ll definitely want to take a selfie in this jelly mask! Your provider will choose which mask best suits your beautiful skin!

45 Minutes | $95

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