Catalyst Appreciation Week 2018

We Value Our Employees!

How do you feel when somebody compliments you or thanks you for helping out with a task? You probably feel pretty good and are likely to repeat those actions in the future. The same logic applies to our employees!

Last week, we dedicated time to show our employees how much we truly value them at Catalyst, and we had some fun while doing it! Each day, employees were encouraged to sport a special color, partake in office challenges, indulge in sweet treats, and more! We are so grateful for all of their hard work! 

We All Scream For Ice Cream!

It's not a celebration without ice cream! Taking someone out for ice cream is the classic way to reward him or her for a job well done. It isn’t a one-way token of gratitude that you simply give. It’s a shared experience! On Thursday, Catalyst employees brought around ice cream and root beer floats for staff - and some lucky patients!

The Catalyst "Floss Friday" Dance

At Catalyst, we know how to floss. Or do we? We put our employees up for the test on Friday for a "Floss Friday" dance challenge. Some learned from their kids, some are still tirelessly watching Youtube videos to learn how to master this move. Watch this video to see our great attempts at "The Floss." 

Summer Picnic

Along with festivities and challenges during our workdays, we also hosted a picnic on Wednesday night! Catalyst friends and family came together for a grill-out with lots of yummy salads, treats, and desserts. 

Patio Happy Hour!

Let's just say it, patio season is the best season! If you haven't spent a happy hour lounging on an outdoor patio, lazily sipping an ice cold beverage and belly laughing over jokes that aren't even that funny, have you even started your summer yet?

If you've been to Catalyst, you may have noticed we have a beautiful patio in the back of our 16,000 sq ft facility. We spent lots of time out here enjoying the weather and catching up with each other. We hosted a few meetings out here as well!

Grateful For You & All You Do!

Catalyst Appreciation Week 2018 was certainly one for the books. We appreciate each and every one of our employees who give it their all every day. From our medical providers to our nurses, spa providers, and administration staff - every employee does their very best to make sure every patient gets what they need to live a happier, healthier, more beautiful life. The Catalyst team is like no other!