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MiraDry® is a non-invasive procedure that provides a dramatic reduction of underarm sweat and odor by delivering precise, controlled thermal-based energy to the area.* The procedure is FDA-cleared and offers sweat control without harsh chemicals, toxins, or surgery.*

Patients can experience significant improvement with just one treatment while some may need a second treatment for optimal effect.* We offer a second treatment at a discounted cost. 

*Results for each treatment may vary from person to person.
As Fargo’s only miraDry clinic, we understand the embarrassment of t-shirt sweat stains and harsh odors, especially at work or in social situations. miraDry is a 3-in-1 treatment to reduce sweat, odor, and underarm hair.*Imagine a lifetime of freedom from antiperspirant, deodorant, and shaving.

Benefits include:

· Significant reduction in underarm perspiration*
· Non-surgical alternative to antiperspirants*
· Non-toxic and chemical free*· In-office procedure*
· Minimal to no downtime*

*Results for each treatment may vary from person to person.
First, you are prepped with a temporary customized template based on your treatment size. A local anesthetic is used for your comfort. The handpiece is placed directly on your skin, lining up with the treatment template.

Next, the handpiece is activated. You may feel a slight suction as the thermal-based energy is delivered to target the sweat and odor glands.* During treatment, there is a cooling agent to protect your skin. The session typically lasts less than two hours. There is minimal to no downtime.*

*Results for each treatment may vary from person to person.

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*Results for each treatment may vary person to person.

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*Results and patient experience may vary.

Catalyst Clinical Spa is backed by triple board-certified physician, Dr. Susan Mathison. Dr. Sue started Catalyst Medical Center and Clinical Spa over 17 years ago as an independent physician, specializing in Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, Throat), head/neck surgery and facial plastic surgery. Since then, she and her team of expert specialists have grown the medical center to become a multi-specialty facility including allergy, dermatology, and audiology departments. 

In addition to the 4,000 square foot medical center, the 3,000 square foot clinical spa provides clinical cosmetic procedures from microderms and chemical peels to BOTOX and other injectable treatments. Dr. Mathison received her undergraduate degree from Stanford University and her medical degree from the University of Texas-Southwestern Medical School. She continues to follow her passion of helping individuals feel more happy, healthy and beautiful.
My personal belief is: “Women who recognize and live their beauty will save the world." Believe me, I know the word “beauty” is loaded with subjective meaning, assumptions, and deeply personal preferences. But, it’s been my experience that there are universal qualities of vitality, health and well-being that transcend age, weight or social biases.

I’m talking about feeling radiant in your own skin ~ seeing the world through bright, captivating eyes ~ a smile that signals irrepressible confidence.

That’s the type of beauty I’m interested in cultivating – in myself, in my patients and in you! Because that’s the kind of beauty that will save the world.

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