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experience wrinkle-fighting power with sculptra®

Catalyst is the #1 Sculptra Provider in North Dakota. Sculptra is the most gradual, natural looking collagen stimulator!

Renew your body's collagen production with Sculptra® - the most natural looking, gradual filler. This filler works with your existing collagen to gradually restore volume!

As the #1 selling treatment of its kind and one of the most extensively researched medical aesthetic treatments, Sculptra is proven and trusted.

Sculptra aids your skin to restore its structure and volume from the inside out.* It treats the most common aging issues, including wrinkles, fine lines, and volume loss in the lower face.

If you want to appear more youthful without appearing like you've had work done, chances are Sculptra® is a good choice for you. With no downtime, resume your normal daily activities immediately following your treatment.

Experience the anti-aging power of Sculptra® for up to 2 years - sometimes longer!*

Sculptra® | $800
(Pair with Hydrating Serum/Vitamin K for best results) | $940


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