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Tattoo Removal

Rethinking your ink? We’re Fargo’s favorite
tattoo removal experts.

No one will ever know it was there.

Our tattoo removal system minimizes skin damage while maximizing your results.

Unlike traditional tattoo lasers, which rely on heat to destroy tattoo ink, Catalyst’s tattoo removal delivers a photomechanical impact called PressureWave that effectively shatters the ink into tiny particles.

This results in better clearance of the tattoo and fewer treatments compared to conventional laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal 2

Treatment with our PicoSure system is faster and more comfortable than any other method. Recognized as the quickest and most effective laser tattoo removal treatment globally, it can remove tattoos up to 75% faster than traditional lasers.

Most patients see a significant improvement after only one treatment. Your treatment schedule will depend on the size and coloring of your tattoo.

Per treatment pricing starts at $100.

Before and After:

Picosure Tattoo Removal before and after photo

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