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The Botox Boom

Booming Botox

Botox injections remain the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure in the United States. What a decade ago seemed scary and taboo—needles filled with botulinum toxin being poked into wrinkle-prone facial zones—is now widely accepted, and is considered routine beauty maintenance! 

Yet with that growing comfort and popularity comes the expected jump onto the bandwagon, with an overwhelming number of practitioners now offering Botox. 

So how do you know who’s actually good at wielding that tiny needle? Who should be trusted to inject your face, of all places, with stuff to paralyze muscles in an attempt to smooth out the signs of aging?

Safety First!

As Botox boomed, so did the number of nurses, physician assistants, spas, and walk-in injection centers offering it. If a medical spa claims to have a “supervising doctor” on staff, make sure they actually do! Often, the supervising doctor has little to do with the day-to-day operations, so you may not even see them. 

At Catalyst, this is our number one priority. Before each new patient is injected, one of our medical physicians visits with the patient to ensure every aspect of the patient’s health and wellness is in check. Even though this treatment is “cosmetic,” it’s crucial to consider any health history prior to injections. It’s like each patient gets a free doctor visit before their spa treatment! We pride ourselves in the safety of our patients.


Education is crucial when it comes to cosmetic injectable procedures. We make it our priority for each patient to feel 100% comfortable with the procedure they are having done. We encourage all patient questions! We make sure each patient clearly understands the process of the procedure, post care instructions, and result expectations. 

Experience, Experience, Experience!!

No medical procedure is without risk. There are possible side effects to Botox, such as drooping eyelids or eyebrows. The complication, though rare, tends to occur when the practitioner is less experienced and isn’t as well versed in facial anatomy. It’s crucial to be injected by a professional who has many years under his or her belt. Our medical experts understand facial anatomy to its entirety. In fact, every injector at Catalyst has been trained under our Founder, Dr. Susan Mathison, MD, who is triple board certified in facial plastics! Talk about “learning from an expert.” Dr. Sue has been the pioneer of the midwest in bringing Botox to Fargo over 20 years ago! If you’re wanting an experienced, trained injector to perform your injectables, Catalyst is the place to go!

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