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What It’s REALLY Like To Get Lip Filler

What It's REALLY Like To Get Lip Filler

Let's Talk About Filler...

Some might point to Kylie Jenner as the catalyst for our growing fascination surrounding injections, but in truth, it looks as though we’ve been heading in this direction for some time. The aesthetics industry is booming, and the growing popularity of dermal fillers and botox have been in the headlines for months. And boy, the industry has complied! As more and more practitioners become skilled in Botox and dermal fillers, women (and men) are seeking out tiny enhancements that the average bystander wouldn’t be able to discern. The goal is not to freeze the clock, but to slow it, to refresh your natural features rather than replace them entirely. 

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Catalyst Clinical Spa Lip Filler Fargo Before and after

What Is Lip Filler Made Of?

Lip Fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a substance that’s found naturally in the body. It’s a very useful beauty ingredient because it’s able to hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water. This is the reason why you’ll find it front and center on the back of your skincare products! In a cream, however, it can only do so much. A topical cream can’t penetrate the outer layers of your skin to reach a depth where it can have an instant and noticeable impact. That’s where the needle comes in! 

Because HA is something that our body produces, it’s happily accepted. Once injected into the skin it’s easily broken down over a period of months. It’s far from permanent, which is reassuring. And it’s not only used in the lips; it can plump out wrinkles, restore volume in the cheeks and much more. So, if you’re thinking about facial fillers, here’s what you need to know…

Are Lip Fillers Safe?

Lip Fillers are an aesthetic treatment so there’s always a chance that something could go wrong. This is why it’s incredibly important you only allow a qualified, reputable professional to do it. Don’t EVER be tempted to have your lip filler injected at a day spa or a beauty salon. A beautician has not had the training that a cosmetic doctor has, and they typically don’t factor in any personal health history – which is so important!

Lip Fillers are very safe because they are reversible! Patients are able to see every step of the injecting process, so if you want a different size or shape we can always dissolve or add volume wherever it is needed. 

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Is The Procedure Painful?

You might not believe it, but the treatment is not painful. Most patients rate it a 4/10! If the injector administering the treatment is good, you won’t be in pain. And the best part is, it only takes 15 minutes! 

A local anesthetic is provided to numb the topical layer of the skin, so all the patient feels is a mild burn while the product is being injected. We recommend icing after the procedure to help with swelling and sensitivity! 

Where Should You Get Lip Fillers Done?

Let’s put it this way – if your hairdresser or facialist offers you a little filler, politely decline. Having an understanding of human anatomy is crucial to inject facial filler.

As Filler popularity boomed, so did the number of nurses, physician assistants, spas, and walk-in injection centers offering it. If a medical spa claims to have a “supervising doctor” on staff, make sure they actually do! Often, the supervising doctor has little to do with the day-to-day operations, so you may not even see them. 

At Catalyst, this is our number one priority. Before each new patient is injected, one of our medical physicians visits with the patient to ensure every aspect of the patient’s health and wellness is in check. Even though this treatment is “cosmetic,” it’s crucial to consider any health history prior to injections. It’s like each patient gets a free doctor visit before their spa treatment! 

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How Do They Look & Feel The Next Day?

One of the great things about lip filler is that you see results RIGHT away! Immediate swelling is also expected and will last anywhere from 12-48 hours. During this time, an ice pack should be applied to the area to ease swelling. Smooshing your lips together should feel completely normal, and you should have no problems eating or drinking. Typically, family and friends won’t even notice you’ve had anything done! But you may hear comments like, “you look refreshed” or “you’re glowy!” It’s crazy how one little tweak can have such an impact.

Before & After

catalyst fargo lip fillers before and after
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Lip Filler - Learn More!

Catalyst has the most experienced aesthetic injectors in the Fargo-Moorhead area! All of our injectors trained and supervised under Dr. Susan Mathison, MD. If you’re interested in Lip Filler, schedule a consult with one of our experts! We’ll partner with you in finding the right filler for you and your goals. 

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