Fargo's Premier Medical Center & Clinical Spa

Hello and Welcome to
Catalyst Medical Center and Clinical Spa

You've entered a sanctuary of support and care. It's our promise to provide innovative, holistic treatments in an elite and luxurious environment.
Transport yourself to a spa-like atmosphere.

Relax and let the anxiety about your health and wellness concerns melt away.

Enjoy friendly smiles, natural sunlight, local art work, comfortable seating, fresh flowers & plants, relaxing music, along with a variety of beverages.
We're on a first name basis around here.

We take pride in our award-winning professional care and we take just as much pride in making you and your family feel at home.
You can be assured in knowing this clinic is run by a triple-board certified physician, Susan Mathison, MD.

With Dr. Sue at the helm, you can expect world-class care that is safely diagnosed and treated by our talented and trained medical professionals.
In our clinical spa we deliver innovative, pharmaceutical grade skin care products & cosmetic medicine technologies.

All of our products are administered and backed by the medical expertise and experience of physicians who understand skin and are board certified.
We believe in helping you feel happy, healthy and beautiful. We care for you in all we do. We focus on a healthy mindset, good food, joyful movement and peaceful sleep as a powerful foundation for a vibrant life and looking and feeling your best. We believe in an integrative approach that includes the best of science-based medication and and even surgery if indicated. We know that inner health and outer beauty are connected and we can help you make positive change.

We're here to help you live a happier, healthier, more beautiful life.

Please know that every team member at Catalyst, from our Patient Service Specialists, Aestheticians, Care Providers, and our Operations Team are physically, mentally, and emotionally present to ensure you get the care you need and deserve. Please hold us to our promise.

How Can We Best Serve You?

We offer two distinct but complimentary services to keep you healthy and happy:

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